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December 09 2014

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Vines on a mountainside swallowing abandoned vehicles in Shiyan City, Hubei Province, China. In China, abandoned cars are known colloquially as “jiangshiche,” or “zombie cars.” - Source

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This Man.

"It's an interesting stroke of coincidence that when the Israeli government found out about his bravery they decided to honour him with a grove of trees planted in his honour. They were initially going to plant Cherry trees, because Japan is famous for it's Cherry trees and their blossoms, but then they suddenly decided to go for Cedar trees instead because of the religious symbolism in Judaism".

"After they had planted the trees the government learned that "Sugihara" literally means a grove of Cedar trees."

He had a Nazi counterpart, oddly enough, a guy named John Rabe , who almost single-handedly saved tens of thousands (some sources say hundreds of thousands) of Chinese during the Nanking massacre.

I've always thought it was no accident that those guys were sent to the opposite side of the world from their empires.
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How I would advertise lash-strengthening mascara.

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December 07 2014

Top 5 artists this week


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